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Selected Crew Biographies:

Ovidiu Dunel-Stancu, Executive Producer

With a rich and thorough experience working with some of the most highly-regarded film-makers in Romania and abroad, Ovidiu Dunel-Stancu has been executive producer for ‘Amatorul’ and ‘Happy Birthday’, directed by Marian Crisan (Winner of Palme D’Or for Best Short Film in 2008 for ‘Megatron’) and ‘A Film for Friends’ (2010) for director Radu Jude (‘The Tube with the Hat’, Winner, Best Short Movie, Sundance, 2007).

Previously he worked as production co-ordinator for music videos for The Kaiser Chiefs (2008, directed by WIZ), Depeche Mode, Within Temptation and Tracey Thorn, and TV Commercials for Folgers (2009, directed by E. Elias Merhige – ‘In the Shadow of the Vampire’), Procter & Gamble and Tnuva.

Also a freelance producer for major Romanian and international production companies such as Domino Productions, Multimedia Est and Parc Film since 2008, Dunel-Stancu has been a partner at Wearebasca Production Company as producer and executive producer for clients such as Discovery Channel Romania and HBO Romania.


Michael Bird, Director, Co-Producer

With over 12 years’ experience as a journalist, Michael Bird specialises in solid, well-researched, objective and engrossing feature stories on subjects relevant to the development of the European Union’s eastern wing.

He has written for UK publications such as The Independent on Sunday, New Statesman and Design Week and was founding editor of trail-blazing magazine ‘The Diplomat – Bucharest’ in 2004, where he wrote on subjects such as EU politics, drug abuse, human trafficking, the spread of HIV, Roma rights and corruption in Romania.

He has interviewed a variety of significant figures such as Traian Basescu – the President of Romania, artist Dan Perjovschi, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, as well as Palestinian refugees fleeing persecution in Iraq, victims of forced prostitution and survivors of the worst excesses of Communist brutality. Meanwhile for the UK nationals, he courted controversy for writing an investigation into international zoophilia networks.

Michael Bird studied Magazine Journalism at City University, London and graduated from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London in Theatre Arts and Literature, where he specialised in Performance Art and studied aspects of movie-making.

‘Man’s Best Friend’ is his first feature film.


Co-Producers: Cerasela Marin, Alexandru Enache, Horea Musca, Dana Dunel-Stancu

Camera: Ovidiu Dunel-Stancu, Horea Musca, Alexandru Enache

Editors: Mircea Lacatus, Catalin Cristutiu

Sound design: Ionut Grigore, Andrei Petre-Tatu

Equipment: Video Extrem, Wearebasca

Boom operator & sound recordist – Calafat, Marius Stanescu

Logistics: Razvan Lazarovici, Mihai Axinte

Graphic design: Iulia Ivanov, Adrian Iota

Legal Consultant: Dana Dunel-Stancu

Colour correction: Victor Dumitrovici

Accountant: Patricia Dima

Web design: Adrian Ursu

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Man’s Best Friend

In Romania – Dogs are Everywhere

In Romania, 100,000s of stray dogs stalk the streets, apartment blocks, five-star hotels, hospitals and the grounds of Parliament. In the capital city, Bucharest, a dog bites a citizen every 30 minutes.

It is 2011 and Romania is preparing a law allowing councils to kill dogs – but there is passionate resistance.

‘Man’s Best Friend’ is a raw and vivid investigation into the love-hate relationship between Romanians and strays, using expert interviews, secret footage and graphic images of dog capture and abuse.

Objective and non-intrusive, this Romanian-British documentary reveals how the stray dog crisis is a symptom of a new EU nation’s struggle to find an identity two decades after its brutal Communist dictatorship.

You can watch the full movie here: - English – Romanian

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